Here is a look at our wholesale price list, if we can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Carrots £1 per kg, £6.50 per bag 
Parsnip £2 per kg, £8 box 
Broccoli £2 per kg, £12 box 
Onions £1 per kg, £8 box 
Leeks £2 per kg, £9 box 
Courgettes £2 per kg, £9 box 
Cauliflower £1 or less 
Swede/cabbage 50p-70p each
Sprouts £10 net 
25kg potatoes £6-£8 
Apples £2 per kg 
Pears £2 per kg 
Oranges 30p 
Bananas £1 per kg 
Limes 4 for £1, £8 box 
Lemons 30p, £8 small box £20 large box 
Soft fruits depending on cost and seasons 
Class 2 fruits available for use in puddings, crumbles etc at a reduced cost (example - 13kg apple box £10) 
Lettuce 80p, £8 box of 12 
Cucumber 80p, £8 box 
Best tomatoes £2 kg, £8 box
Vine tomato £2 kg, £10 box 
Cherry vine £12 box 
Spring onions 50p, £5.50 pack 
Peppers £2 per kg, £10 box 
Mushroom £5.50 tray 
Bistro mix leaves £4, 500g
Cut chips £5.50 5kg 
Prepped peel potatoes £5.50 5kg 
Tray of large eggs £3.50, box of 12 £39 
Milk, cheese, cream, Micro herbs, baby carrots, edible flowers all available on request 
All produce price is a guide, prices fluctuate and will move slightly in line. 
All other produce available LB Quality Grocers 
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